School of Education Research Seminar Training

The Centre for Education and Research has planned a series of research led and focused opportunities throughout 2013.

  • Research seminars – They combine dissemination of research conducted within the school and training opportunities. All seminars, which will run twice a term on Tuesdays from 12.30 – 1.30, will be followed by a research methods training session which will expand upon the methods discussed in the seminar. The seminars and training sessions are open to all persons interested in developing their skills as researchers. These follow up sessions will run from 1.45 – 3.45.
  •  Evening supervisor and student sessions – (monthly) provide an opportunity for sharing ideas and current developments 
  • The annual PhD student conference – (2 days) is co-ordinated by students and is open to all academic staff in education and post-graduate students

 Visiting scholars seminars and one day conferences

 All training events on the timetable are open to School of Education Staff  and research students.



Seminar 12.30 – 1.30

Methodological session 1.45 – 3.45

Tuesday 30thApril


Cristina Devecchi and Julian Brown: The impact of training upon teaching assistants and the children they support  Reflecting on the use of on-line questionnaires
Thursday 9th & Friday 10th May


Annual PhD Student Conference. Key note speakers: Dr. Ann-Marie Casserley, Professor Ian Grosvenor, Professor Mary James. Presentations from Student Research Projects.  2 Full days with a variety of methodologies
Tuesday 21st May


Philip Garner: Social and emotional learning in Chinese Schools  Addressing methodological discontinuities in international research networks
Tuesday 11th June


Sue Ralph: Journal editing and management  Preparing research from your PhD for publication
Tuesday 29th October 


Jane Murray: Young children as researchers The challenges of researching with families
Tuesday 10th December 


Sheena Bell & Andy Smith: The TILE Project Piloting an evaluation tool. The process of piloting and modifying instruments.

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