Research Funding Opportunities: School of Health

rsbo-logoThis post provides information on the latest funding opportunities for your School.    You will still be able to conduct your own searches via Grantfinder in the usual way or contact the RSB Office and we will assist you. Information on current calls with no deadlines is available on the RSBO web pages.

Dunhill Medical Trust, Older People – The Dunhill Medical Trust invites applications for research grants with a focus on older people. Applications in the following areas are welcome: diseases and issues of ageing; the care and environment of older people; disabilities that affect older people; rehabilitation of older people; initiatives aimed at evaluating and improving patient care or public health; areas where it is difficult to attract funding; pilot studies. Applications can be made at any time.

Welcome Trust, Arts awards – small to medium sized projects These support imaginative and experimental arts projects that investigate biomedical science. The scheme aims to:
•stimulate interest and debate about biomedical science through the arts; •examine the social, cultural and ethical impact of biomedical science;
•support formal and informal learning; •encourage new ways of thinking; •encourage interdisciplinary practice and collaborative partnerships in arts, science or education practice.
Projects must involve the creation of new artistic work and have biomedical scientific input into the process, either through a scientist taking on an advisory role or through direct collaboration. The scheme is open to a wide range of people including artists, scientists, curators, filmmakers, writers, producers, directors, academics, science communicators, teachers, arts workers and education officers. Applicants must be based in the UK or Republic of Ireland and the activity must take place in the UK or RoI. Eligible candidates are usually affiliated to organisations, but may apply as individuals.
Up to £30,000 is available for projects lasting a maximum of three years to support the development of new project ideas, deliver small-scale productions or workshops, investigate methods of engagement through the arts or develop collaborative relationships between artists and scientists.

31 October 2013Burdett Trust for Nursing, Bursaries – The Burdett Bursary programme aims to enable nurses, midwives and allied health professionals to undertake postgraduate studies to further their professional development and enhance their knowledge and practical skills base. Bursaries of up to £5,000 are available to help with the costs of postgraduate study in a UK academic department. Grants are available to support nurses1 undertaking a Masters in Nursing (MSc), Postgraduate Certificate in Nursing (PG Cert), Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing (PG Dip) or other MSc programmes relevant to their professional group on a full-time or part-time basis.

6 November 2013:  Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Reframing dementia in the 21st Century: challenging thinking and stimulating debateThe JRF is calling for proposals for projects which will help it to support the development of thinking around dementia.  They are interested in how we can “influence the influencers”. All proposals should include at least an element of bringing together a range of key players whose thinking is influential. they are open to a wide range of ideas and are particularly looking for innovation and impact. The JRF will only fund projects which actively and meaningfully involve people with dementia. They will not be funding projects which are solely academic, nor are they looking for a public awareness campaign.  Depending on the quality and range of proposals received, they may commission one or two projects – up to a maximum total value of around £50,000.

30 November 2013Maudsley Charity, Research Grants – The Maudsley Charity invites applications for its research grants. These support innovative, early-stage applied research into mental health. Grants are worth up to £125,000 for up to three years.

10 December 2013BAOT, Awards for education, research and continuing professional development – BAOT members may apply for a range of awards, addressing different aspects of occupational therapy. Awards are worth between £650 and £2,000.

31 January 2014:  Society for Academic Primary Care – Yvonne Carter AwardThis award supports the international development of young researchers in primary care and enables them to travel for research. The award is worth £1,000.

28 February 2014:  Royal College of Nursing, Barbers Company Clinical Nursing ScholarshipThis award, of up to £7,500, aims to enable nurses in clinical nursing to undertake further education, research or a clinical project.

1 March 2014:  Society for Applied Microbiology, Laboratory Fellowship Grant – These fellowships are available to members of staff at microbiology laboratories wishing to travel to other laboratories to learn new scientific techniques and technologies. Awards will support visits one to four weeks of duration at a maximum amount of £1,000 per week.

30 April 2014Society for Applied Microbiology, W H Pierce Prize – The Society for Applied Microbiology invites nominations for the WH Pierce memorial prize. The prize rewards an outstanding young microbiologist under the age of 40 who has made a substantial contribution to the science. Nominations may be submitted by full members only. The prize is worth £3,000.

15 May 2014 (forecast)Florence Nightingale Foundation, Research ScholarshipsThese enable a scholar to engage in nursing and midwifery research, including courses in research methods, research modules, or a dissertation or thesis as part of an academic course of study. The foundation will also consider postdoctoral nursing research projects. All projects must involve clinically focused research and must be able to demonstrate impact on patient care. Scholarships are available to all British and Commonwealth nurses and midwives currently registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council and working in the UK.

In addition, there are also scholarships available in partnership with the London Network for Nurses and Midwives to support nurses and midwives working within London in an organisation providing patient care funded by the NHS, and with the Teenage Cancer Trust and Raisa Gorbachev Foundation for nurses working in the clinical specialty of teenage cancer within an organisation providing NHS-funded care anywhere in the UK.  Scholarships are worth up to £5,000.

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