British Academy Research Projects

Application forms for a new call for proposals for Academy Research Projects are now available on e-GAP:

The British Academy has a strong record in the promotion of collaborative, infrastructural, and often international research. The programme of Academy Research Projects currently gives academic recognition and modest financial support to about 50 projects, and the Academy is now looking to expand this through the adoption of a small number of new projects in the social sciences. This programme does not offer the kind of major funding currently available via the ESRC, and it is expected that any project supported under the scheme will need to be able to demonstrate that it is independently financially viable.

Academy Research Projects typically share the characteristic of being infrastructural projects or research facilities, intended to produce fundamental works of scholarship, in most cases for the use of a variety of disciplines, rather than to produce interpretative works or monographs. Another typical feature is the contribution made by the voluntary work of many scholars, whether as organizers or participants. A full list of the current portfolio of ARPs is available at, while successful projects adopted in response to the last Call for Proposals in 2011 are listed at

The Academy does not, however, have preconceived ideas about the type of project that may be proposed in response to this Call for Proposals, in terms of length of time required for completion, or organization. The onus is on project proposers to convince the Academy that their project is particularly suited to Academy support, benefiting from the academic recognition offered by Academy Research Project status, which may assist projects in appealing to a wide range of funding agencies both in the UK and abroad, both public and private. The Academy will also make available to projects small-scale research expenses, normally up to a ceiling of £5,000pa (on a competitive basis), to meet certain kinds of costs that can be difficult to cover through other funding applications.

Application forms and further details for the 2014 competition are now available in the online e-GAP system at (potential applicants who are not currently registered in the system will need to do this first, by using the ‘register’ option on the log-in page, to obtain access to the system). Please note that the application process involves two stages. In the first instance the Outline Stage form only is available. Only those project directors invited to do so will be able complete the Second Stage Application Form.

Level of award: Up to £5,000pa.

Period of award: Once adopted into the ARP programme, the project will be required to submit an annual progress report, together with a bid for financial support (if needed) in 5 year tranches. Projects are subject to thorough review, normally every five years, where the case for continuing Academy support is assessed. Given satisfactory progress, there is no specific limit on the length of time the project may expect to continue its association with the Academy. Projects performing unsatisfactorily will be given time to try to resolve any short-term difficulties, but the Academy reserves the right to terminate the association after a due period of notice.

Suitable Projects: Directors of projects of the kind described above, whether existing or new, in any field or fields of *the social sciences only*, may approach the Academy for support through this scheme. The applicant should be the project director, and must be a UK resident but need not be in a permanent full-time academic post in the UK. Co-applicants may be co-directors of the project and may come from anywhere in the world.

The Academy expects to use this opportunity to broaden the current portfolio of projects into a wider range of the social sciences. Accordingly, the Projects Committee has agreed that only applications using social science methodology will be accepted on this occasion.

Number of awards: The Academy expects to be able to add a small number of new projects to the existing portfolio up to a maximum of four, but there is no specific number of awards available. The Academy reserves the right not to adopt any of the projects proposed. Previous calls for proposals were issued in 2003, (when the Academy received 17 proposals and adopted four projects – a success rate of 23.5%); in 2007 (when the Academy received 72 proposals and adopted eight projects – a success rate of 11%); and in 2011 (when the Academy received 33 proposals and adopted five projects – a success rate of 15%).

The closing date for completed Outline Stage applications is Wednesday, 12 March 2014

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