Research Funding Opportunities: School of Education

rsbo-logoThis post provides information on the latest funding opportunities for your School. You will still be able to conduct your own searches via Grantfinder in the usual way or contact the RSB Office and we will assist you.


The Nuffield Foundation will consider applications for education and research grants in the following areas:

The next deadline for applications to be considered is 4 July 2014.

The Spencer Foundation, Lyle Spencer Research AwardsThe Spencer Foundation is pleased to introduce an ambitious new grant program, The Lyle Spencer Research Awards: Advancing Understanding of Education Practice and Its Improvement . This program is the successor to their long-standing field-initiated major grant program, which will be phased out in 2014. Application guidelines for the Lyle Spencer Research Awards program will be available in late March 2014.

With this program, the Foundation aims to reinforce its commitment to intellectually ambitious research, oriented ultimately to improving the practice of education, and independent of any particular reform agendas or methodological strictures. This is not at base a change of direction for a foundation that has always aimed to foster creative and open-minded scholarship; it is however an emphatic assertion of its determination to search for and support the most challenging, original, and constructive scholarship and research it can find. They intend through this endeavor to press colleagues in the research community to raise their level of intellectual ambition, to encourage work that is more thoughtful, more critical of prevailing assumptions, more self-critical about their own work and its limitations, and more relevant to the aim of building knowledge for improved educational practice.

Annually, through a highly competitive award process, they will provide research grants of up to $1,000,000 each to a small number of outstanding proposals. This new program is a reaffirmation of Spencer’s well-established tradition of supporting intellectually rigorous education research, but even more it is an effort to create much-needed space for creative and ambitious research projects that promise to advance our understanding of educational practice and its improvement.

  • Erasmus+, Calls are now open for the new Erasmus+ programmeIf you are interested in any of the areas please contact assistance. Further information can be obtained from the Erasmus + website
  • Waterloo Foundation, Dissemination support – These grants support the dissemination of knowledge and best practice to children and their carers, and to related professionals. The foundation is interested in the psychological and behavioural development of children, and particularly in certain neuro-developmental conditions and the factors that influence them. Dissemination can be either by researchers themselves or by support groups, and could take the form of website development, helplines, newsletters or conferences. The foundation does not wish to be the sole funder of any such support. Grants are typically worth up to £10,000.


  • 15 April 2014: BA/Leverhulme Small Research GrantsGrants are available to support primary research in the humanities and social sciences. Funds are available to facilitate initial project planning and development; to support the direct costs of research; and to enable the advancement of research through workshops or conferences, or visits by or to partner scholars. Applicants may seek support for any combination of eligible activity and cost up to the overall limit of £10,000. The Academy will assess applications equally on their merits, with no preference as to mode of enquiry. Application forms are not currently available on the e-GAP system, but will be released by 4 March 2014.
  • 15 April 2014:  Society for Educational Studies, Small GrantsSmall Grants are awarded with the purpose of stimulating research in education, particularly by those who are in the early stages of developing their research careers (normally defined as 5 years post-doc).  The Society for Educational Studies invites bids from researchers interested in making an original contribution to knowledge in the field of educational studies. Applicants applying for these grants must be affiliated with a British university, college or school and will be asked to become members of the SES if they are not already members. (Membership fee is currently £24 per year). The maximum grant available for those applying for a Small Grant is £10,000 over one year. A maximum of four grants will be funded per round of applications.
  • 8 May 2014Leverhulme Trust, Visiting ProfessorshipsThe objective of these awards is to enable distinguished academics based overseas to spend between three and twelve months inclusive at a UK university, primarily in order to enhance the skills of academic staff or the student body within the host institution. It is recognised that Visiting Professors may also wish to use the opportunity to further their own academic interests. The over-riding criteria for selection are first the academic standing and achievements of the visitor in terms of research and teaching, and secondly the ability of the receiving institution to benefit from the imported skills and expertise. Priority will be given to new or recent collaborative ventures.
  • 8 May 2014Leverhulme Trust, Major Research Fellowships – These awards enable well-established and distinguished researchers in the humanities and social sciences to devote themselves to a single research project of outstanding originality and significance, capable of completion within two or three years. Candidates should state explicitly what the proposed outcomes of the award will be. Fellowships are particularly aimed at those who are or have been prevented by routine duties from completing a programme of original research.
  • 11 September 2014:  Leverhulme Trust, Doctoral ScholarshipsThe new Leverhulme Doctoral Scholarships scheme was announced by the Leverhulme Trust Board in January 2014 as a means to support doctoral studies in UK universities and to nurture the future generation of aspiring young researchers.  It offers ten grants of £1 million each to fund full-time scholarships for doctoral study in a subject area of the applicant university’s choice.

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