Save the Dates – School of Education Seminar and Colloquium Programme Autumn 2015

All welcome

– Facilitated by the Centre for Education and Research –

E-mail for more information


Focus: Teachers Exchanging Knowledge and Building Communities via International

Led by: James Underwood

Date: Tuesday 20.10.15

Time: 1.00-2.00pm

Room: S007, Park Campus

James considers the potential impact of international networking and knowledge exchange on the professional identities of teachers. He focuses on the experiences of teachers from the Balkans working with colleagues in the UK and proposes that rather than seeing their experiences purely as opportunities to transfer practice, these teachers may be more interested in developing as skilled professionals and societal leaders.

James Underwood


Focus: Discourses on Practitioner-Parent Partnerships in Early Childhood: England,
Hungary and Kazakhstan

Led by Dr Jane Murray and Eleonora Teszenyi

Date: Wednesday 21.10.15

Time: 12.00-1.00pm

Room: S008, Park Campus

The importance of parent-professional partnerships in early childhood is well documented but how do such partnerships work in different countries and what can we learn from one another’s policies and practices? Jane and Eleonora share findings from an exciting international study that spans Hungary, Kazakhstan and England.

Jane Murray


Focus: Changing the Script

Led by Dr Eunice Lumsden

Date: Monday 26.10.15

Time: 5.00-6.00pm

Room: S029, Park Campus

This is an opportunity to discuss and reflect on the significant challenges we still have
regarding outcomes for children and young people in this country. Come and share
your ideas for ways we can change the script …



Focus: Inclusive Education in Spain: educational reforms  and practices

Led by Edurne Chocarro De Luis,

(Universidad de la Rioja, Spain)

Date: Tuesday 27.10.15

Time: 12.30-1.30pm

Room: S010, Park Campus

Our School of Education scholar shares ways that inclusive policies and practices are working in Spanish schools.



Focus: Social and emotional functioning of students with an autistic spectrum
disorder during the transition between primary and secondary schools

Led by Ron Fortuna

Date: Thursday 12.11.15

Time: 5-6pm

Room: tba


Focus: Universities in transition: Managing knowledge and developing people
through the use of intellectual capital

Led by Cristina Devecchi, based on a paper by Cristina Devecchi and Nick Petford

Date: 17.11.15

Time: 5-6pm

Room: tba


Focus: Approaches to Happiness in Education

Led by Dominic Murphy

Date: Tuesday 24.11.15

Time: 12.30-1.30pm

Room: tba


Focus: Early Childhood Pedagogy in Japan

Led by Tom Weaver

Date: Wednesday 9.12.15

Time: 5-6pm

Room: tba


More to follow… watch out for new postings!


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