IUK/ESRC Innovation Caucus PhD Intern Opportunities

The Innovation Caucus is an initiative funded by Innovate UK and the ESRC to support innovation-led growth and promote greater engagement between the social sciences and businesses.

Serving as a gateway to the social sciences, the Innovation Caucus comprises 66 academics working across different disciplines with a focus on innovation. As well as promoting the awareness of and engagement with social science research, the Innovation Caucus is focused on understanding the dynamics of innovation ecosystems.

Applications are invited from highly motivated PhD candidates for a three month internship to undertake research to inform the strategy and practice of Innovate UK and ESRC.

The intern will require:

  • The ability to work with academics and academic debates to identify insights and make connections across research and policy
  • A broad understanding of the social sciences, and appreciation of how the social sciences can contribute to economy and society
  • An interest in how social science disciplines can be applied to generate insights for businesses and innovation

It is desirable that the candidate has:

  • An interest and/or has conducted previous research into the impact of innovation activities
  • The ability to synthesize research findings into outputs for non-academic audiences, e.g. using infographics
  • Some microeconomic modelling experience
  • A good understanding of the complex R&D landscape of private vs. social returns
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work in a client-focused role.

A total of £4,500 will be paid in equal monthly instalments over the agreed duration of the internship (e.g. a £1,500 per month stipend for 3 months, if working on the internship on a full time basis; or a £750 per month stipend for 6 months if working part time).

Travel to meetings and other agreed expenses will be reimbursed in addition. This flexibility is designed to accommodate restrictions on working hours for international students. The funds will be transferred to the university at which the PhD student is registered and the stipend and travel expenses will be paid by the PhD student’s home institution.

Applications must be submitted by the deadline of 15 March 2019. Please discuss with your supervisors and contact the Research and Innovation Funding Support team in Senate if you are interested in applying.

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