Citation analysis tool – Microsoft Academic Search

This is one of a series of posts describing tools that are available for citation analysis.  For other tools see here.

Like Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic Search  indexes millions of scholarly papers but unlike the Google product it offers a range of extra features, among them citation counts and the facility to follow citation paths.

The Microsoft Academic Search (MAS) home screen has a simple search box with an option to perform an advanced search. If your search term matches one of the keywords recognised by MAS your results will include a citation chart for that set showing annual and cumulative citations (example).  The publications listed below this can be sorted by citation count.

Clicking through to an individual paper will provide a citation chart specifically for that paper plus a list of further papers that cite it (example).

To examine citations for a particular author then use the author search facility in Advanced Search.  The results include a number of metrics, including total publications and citations, the author’s G-index and H-index (example).  There are also options to click through to lists of co-authors (example).

Microsoft Academic Search claims to cover the “entire research spectrum” and to work with “dozens of publishers and content providers” (Microsoft Corporation). If you’d like to know more then check out the tool’s help service.

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