Redirect your university email to a personal address

FAQ: How do I redirect my university email to a personal address?

In this post I’ll demonstrate how to use Outlook to redirect emails from your university email address to a personal email account. All you’ll need for this is a web browser. Once this is set up, any email to your address will be sent on to the address you enter (a copy will remain in your university inbox). Redirection can be turned off and on easily.

Open the options screen:

First you’ll need to sign into the Outlook web interface with your university account details (i.e. your “999 number” and password). Once you’re in, go to the Options menu in the top right and click See All Options:

Options menu in Outlook web client

Create a new rule:

You’ll now be looking at the options screen, where you need to click on Organize E-Mail in the left-hand menu. Inbox Rules will be selected by default, and you need to click New… to create a new rule:

Creating a new rule in Outlook

Set up the rule:

The New Inbox Rule window will appear.  Set the first drop-down box to [Apply to all messages] and the second one to Redirect the message to…:

Creating a new rule in Outlook

Enter your email address:

As soon as you click Redirect the message to…, a new window will open showing your address book. Type your personal email address into the To box at the bottom of the window and click OK:

Adding a redirection email address

Give the rule a name:

Now you’ll be back at the new rule window, where the last task is to give your rule a more meaningful name in case you want to change it in the future. To do this, click the More Options… link. The window will expand to add some advanced controls. The last box holds the name of the rule, so type a new name for your rule in there (e.g. Redirect to personal email):

Renaming a rule in Outlook

Once that’s done, click Save to save and activate your new rule.

The new rule will start working as soon as you save it. Any new emails sent to your university address will be redirected to the personal email address you entered, but a copy will remain in your university inbox.

Testing and managing redirection:

You can test test the new rule by sending an email to your university account – it should appear in both your university inbox and your personal one (it might take a couple of minutes for the redirected copy to arrive).

Once the rule is set up you can turn it off and on by going back to the Inbox Rules screen and using the tick box next to the rule’s name. You can also delete the rule from the same screen.

Thumbnail image: Penny black via Wikimedia Commons (public domain).

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