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RSS tips #3: Mac options, and subcribing by email

I’ve had some feedback on our post about subscribing  to the blog in Outlook, which has led me to discover that Microsoft Office for Mac doesn’t currently offer RSS support – so the post isn’t much use to Mac users.

This is disappointing, and is compounded by Apple removing RSS support from Safari and Mail apps in the latest version of OSX. A good solution is subscribing using a web-based, cross-platform service such as Google Reader, which I’ll look at in an upcoming post.

I’ve also added the option to subscribe by email. This uses Google’s Feedburner service, which will send you a daily digest of new posts. You’ll see the link in the new Subscribe widget on the right of the page.

Redirect your university email to a personal address

FAQ: How do I redirect my university email to a personal address?

In this post I’ll demonstrate how to use Outlook to redirect emails from your university email address to a personal email account. All you’ll need for this is a web browser. Once this is set up, any email to your address will be sent on to the address you enter (a copy will remain in your university inbox). Redirection can be turned off and on easily.

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RSS tips #1: follow Research Support Hub using Outlook

Flexible access to information is a cornerstone of blog technology. In this post I’ll demonstrate how to keep up to date with Research Support Hub  in Microsoft Outlook, using RSS – the behind-the-scenes technology that binds the modern web together. With RSS, you won’t have to check our website to see new content – when something new appears, Outlook will fetch it for you and let you know.

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