Bursary for women postgraduate research students in HISTORY or ENGLISH LITERATURE

This Bursary is offered annually to women postgraduate students whose research in HISTORY or ENGLISH LITERATURE requires a short residence in London in the summer.

  • It provides ACCOMMODATION (only) in a hall of residence for up to 4 weeks from mid June and mid September. 
  • Women postgraduate students from Britain and overseas are eligible to apply
  • There is no upper age limit

The Bursary was founded in 1973 in memory of THEODORA BOSANQUET, MBE, BSc ( London ), (1881-1961), the writer and administrator. She was a member of both the British and the International Federations of University Women, and was the Executive Secretary of the International Federation of University Women between 1920-35. She is also remembered as secretary to the author, Henry James, OM, from 1908 until his death in 1916; and for her work with Viscountess Rhondda, the founder of Time and Tide, as contributor, Director, and Literary Editor of that journal.

Applications for the Bursary are invited annually. It is open to WOMEN scholars or WOMEN postgraduate students who are carrying out research in HISTORY or ENGLISH LITERATURE requiring the use of libraries, archives, or other scholarly resources in London, and covers the cost of accommodation at a hall of residence in Central London for a period of up to four weeks. (The holder will be responsible for the cost of all travel and other expenses).

The closing date for receipt of applications for the Bursary offered for tenure during the period mid June to mid September 2014 is 31 OCTOBER 2013. Requests for application forms must be made by e-mail to the Grants Administrator (TBB) on grants@ffwg.org.uk

An e-mail version of the completed form should be sent to grants@ffwg.org.uk and a hard signed copy  must be returned by post to the address on the form.

Applicants will be requested to supply the names and addresses of two referees, at least one of whom must be acquainted with the applicant’s proposed work. Successful applicants will be notified by the beginning of February that they have been awarded a Bursary. Dates of residence must then be arranged through the Grants Administrator. After completing her tenure of the Bursary, every Bursary holder is required to submit a short report to the Foundation on the work carried out during her stay in London.

This information is available at: http://ffwg.org.uk/Pages/TBB.htm

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