Conference report: UN Business School representation at the 20th anniversary conference of CGIR Journal

Prof. Kakabadse with PhD students Nadeem Khan and Ourada Dsouli

On 28th – 29th September at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, Nadeem Khan and Ouarda Dsouli from UN Business School attended the Conference of Corporate Governance An International Review Journal (CGIR). The joint paper with Prof. Nada Kakabadse is titled – National Governance Bundles: A comparative of G20 Countries and Forbes 200 Corporations (2009-2012).

The paper presented compares and contrasts the social and financial performance of Nations with Corporations based on deeper characteristics such as Board structures; Debt; employment during the post Global Financial Crisis (GFC) era. Where Corporations dominate the top economies in the World (Fortune Magazine, 2011) Governments are grappling with Austerity. Further, a cause of concern is that out of the extra $2.4Tn spent by Nations, $1.9Tn has gone to Bank Bail Outs. 

Prof. Judge at the Gala Dinner

The broad spectrum of sessions over two days included Gender, Politics and the Old Boys Network; Governance Codes and Institutions; Emerging Economies; Culture, Ethnicity and Religion; National Governance Bundles in Global Comparisons and Firm level Governance. Delegates from across the World gathered at Judge Business School, Cambridge University. Distinguished Key Note speakers included Prof. Randall Morck (The Social Value of Shareholder Value) and Assoc. Prof Ruth Aguilera (How National are Governance Bundles). The conference was chaired by Prof. Judge (University of Cambridge) Editor in Chief of CGIR.

The Gala Dinner at Clare College was warmly supported by all previous editors of the CGIR journal and a choir filled the Hall with vocal harmonies prior to the meal. Prof. Judge thanked all delegates for engaging in dialogue and cited the Iron law of Responsibility in the after dinner speech:  “ Those who fail to regulate themselves will be regulated by others”

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