Top seven predictions for the future of research

Sarah Porter, head of innovation at the JISC, knows that technology is moving fast and believes that it will have an ever-increasing influence on the way researchers work.  She and Torsten Reimer have come up with seven predictions for the future of research:

  1. Future of researchResearchers will go mobile – for example, using tablet computers and smartphones to collect data
  2. Lines between professionals, amateurs and the public will blur – through crowdsourcing and the like
  3. Researchers will fully embrace social media – to discover, share, discuss and disseminate
  4. Data will drive research across many disciplines – as re-use of data and real time analysis come to the fore
  5. New tools will be needed to automate parts of the research process – text mining is a good example
  6. Use of visualisation and infographics will increase – describing large amounts of data in a simple way
  7. Researchers will be data managers – from primary data to project data to lists of publications.

How many of these apply to your research?

For the full article see the Autumn 2012 issue of JISC Inform.

Thanks to Dr Rachel Maxwell, Learning Technologist for passing this on.

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