Improve your research skills with a little help from CfAP

CfAP logoChoosing the right tool to analyse your data or finding the best way to structure your findings can be a fraught process.  However help is on hand from the Centre for Achievement and Performance – otherwise known as CfAP.

CfAP exists to help all students, including those doing research degrees, achieve their academic potential:

“If you were training for the Olympics you may need to work on aspects of weight, speed or flexibility to improve your performance and to gain insights into how your body works. Visiting CfAP should be regarded in a similar way – you wish to work on aspects of your academic work to improve your performance and to gain a better understanding of how you learn. As with athletes, taking responsibility for your own development leads to success.”

(Sandy Gilkes, National Teaching Fellow)

CfAP staff have recently created a new site on NILE; it is open to everyone and there is no need to enrol.  The site contains a huge range of materials to support all aspects of academic endeavour.

To access the CfAP site on NILE:

  • Start at the NILE home page (
  • Click on the folder marked CfAP on the left hand side…
  • … then again on Centre-for-Achievement-and-Performance

On the CfAP menu there are links to a wide range of topics, including ‘Writing Skills’, ‘Presentation Skills’, ‘Thinking Skills’, ‘Help with IT’ and many more.  Each topic has a downloadable study pack and there are also podcasts, interactive workbooks and links to external resources.

Of particular interest to research students might be the set of resources under ‘Statistics Support’ within ‘Help with Maths’.  The resources here include links to online training in SPSS; a decision tree which can help you decide which statistical test is most suitable for your data; a guide to reporting the results of statistical analyses; and a series of study packs on statistics.

Why not take a look?

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