Enhancing the Impact of Publishing : Emerald Author Workshop

Submitted by Nadeem Khan (PhD research student NBS)

Emerald Author Workshop: Tuesday 30th April 2013

The author workshop held at Emerald publishers head office in West Yorkshire brought together the editors of journals and the authors of papers in an insightful and rewarding dialogue. This full day workshop enabled Emerald to better understand the challenges and demands of authors in offering a high quality integrated service. With 2 papers a minute a being published and snail-mail giving way to electronic formats the issue of maintaining quality and time taken to publication were the hot topics.

Following a welcome note by Ian Jones (Emerald), there were presentations by Christine Pickup from Emerald; Steve Pettifer (University of Manchester – Computer Sciences) and Dr. Harry Gray of University of Salford. Focus group discussions included the review process; choice of journal; publishing expectations; the impact of open education; impact of research; and the future landscape.

Up and coming electronic  repositories include Dryad; DOI; Open citations; Figshare; ORCID; Impactstory; Dataone whilst the use of Journal Impact factors remains contentious. In the areas of  Mathematics and Astro-Physics, arXiv is a collaborative repository for papers. Other forms include PeerJ; PLOS; eLife; and the most common Open Access. From within the repository arXiv – group decisions lead to which papers are print published. In this respect social sciences; arts and humanities remain competitive rather than collaborative domains; Is this a new communal journal structure emerging? The ‘Brian Cox’ effect was debated where commercial research is different to University REF requirements and practitioner requirements differ to theoretical contributions. Thus, how can private equity be best engaged by universities in offering USP?

The emergence of platforms such as MOOCs; E-learning; and academic metrics has introduced new complexities and benefits to both publishing and teaching in universities. Most recently, in TALAHASSEE, Florida a law has been passed that approves an online Public University. College students will be able to go to college without actually attending University!


The dissemination and peer review of research is increasingly supported by platforms such as Mendeley; Scopus; Google Scholar; Facultyof1000; ResearchGate. The full day of activities was engaging and of mutual benefit to authors; editors and publisher.

Presentations from the day and summary information will be made available by Emerald to all attendees in due course.

About Simone Apel

Researcher Developer for The Graduate School, University of Northampton.

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