Research informing practice in LLS

Last Wednesday, and hot on the heels of our Research Summer School, practitioner researchers from Library and Learning Services (LLS) were more than willing to present their ongoing research activity to colleagues.  The result was a busy afternoon with ten LLS staff each speaking for ten minutes on their latest project.

  • Presenting to the class 6George Dimmock (Head of Academic Liaison) described the methods and results of an URB@N project which examined the student experience of induction.  As a result of this work LLS will be reintroducing Library tours and other changes this autumn.
  • Adel Gordon (Learning Technologist) reported on her implementation of rubrics within NILE and recommended a cycle of planning, teaching, assessing and reflecting to support this.
  • Having been tasked with running an internal communications project on behalf of LLS, Charlotte Heppell (Academic Librarian) outlined her mixed methods approach and some of the 20 recommendations which are now being implemented across the department.
  • Al Holloway (Learning Technologist) demonstrated the outputs of a recent URB@N project which used the Xerte tool to create learning objects for Education students.  Feedback from the students has been very positive.
  • Rob Howe (Head of Learning Technology and Media Support) described last year’s audit of NILE sites which resulted in further development of a consistent NILE template and informed a number of other developments in NILE.
  • Kate Littlemore (Head of Centre for Achievement and Performance) presented a double header, describing not only her plans for the university’s first SOOC (Small Open Online Course) on Study Skills for Academic Success but also her application of the scaffolded approach to teaching information skills to Dental Nurses (based on work previously done by Lumsden et al.).
  • Fiona MacLellan’s project, a joint collaboration with Will Hoon, George Dimmock and first year fashion and textiles students, examined the way in which memory and fashion are linked.  Their video ‘Memories: personal information discovery and documentary explored through the medium of clothes’ is soon to be published as a chapter of an ‘unbook’.
  • Rachel Maxwell (Learning Technologist) gave an account of the survey and results which are informing a new help system within NILE.  The new system will go live at the next routine NILE upgrade.
  • Chris Powis (Head of LLS) is interested in the iconography of the library and described his experiences of working with second year geography students to map students’ learning spaces and explore their reasons for choosing these.  The semi-structured interview approach elicited both pragmatic and emotional responses to place.
  • Gillian Siddall (Academic Librarian) reported on the outcomes of an externally funded research project which examined the use of reading lists and its impact on the design and implementation of the Talis Aspire online reading list software.  Gillian has delivered several papers on this topic at national and international conferences.

If you’d like to know more about any of these projects then either check out some of the LLS research outputs on NECTAR or just get in touch with the researcher.  To find out more about how we are promoting a research culture in LLS then contact Miggie Pickton, Research Support Librarian.

Image credit: HeppDesigns

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