Such a long journey: broadcast on Inspiration FM

Submitted by Dr Jumai Ewu

Such A Long Journey is an outcome of a collaboration between myself and two other colleagues, from the School of The Arts, University of Northampton, Dr Victor Ukaegbu and Richard Hollingum, with technical support from Carl Kirk. It comes on the back of an earlier collaboration between Victor and myself with local artists drawn from the Northamptonshire community in 2008 as part of a performing histories project titled Who Can Tell?…!, and which was supported by Northampton Black History Association.

Such a long journey 1

Dr Victor Ukaegbu rehearsing with the cast of ‘Such A Long Story’ at the Northampton Doddridge Centre

Such a Long Journey, written by Dipo Agboluaje was commissioned by the University of Northampton in order to celebrate and enhance the writer’s original contribution to Who Can Tell?…!   It is specifically written for radio as a series that chronicles some of the experiences of the black diaspora in Britain today. This first episode is intended as a pilot of the series. It is set in 1948 on the HMS Windrush, and chronicles the beginning of the journey of a group of immigrants from Jamaica bound for Tilbury Port. It is meant to set the tone for things to come. Coincidentally, the year 2013 marks the 65th anniversary of the Windrush.

Weekes Baptiste with 'Such A Long Story' Cast Member Myrle Roach at the 'Who Can Tell' Re-union

Weekes Baptiste with ‘Such A Long Story’ Cast Member Myrle Roach at the ‘Who Can Tell’ Re-union

The performance features a local artist from Northamptonshire, who was previously involved in Who Can Tell?…! , Myrle Roach and Drama students from the School of The Arts, Emmanuel Peters, Roxanne Clare, Anthony Odegbaro, and Omari Willis.

The performance was broadcast on community radio station Inspiration FM 107.8 on 18th and 19th July 2013.

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