New Lecture Series by Readers and Associate Professors at the School of the Arts

We are very pleased to announce a new series of talks by our Associate Professors and Readers at the School of the Arts, which will be presented throughout 2013 and 2014 and will showcase their areas of research expertise.

The first lectures given this term will be:

12 November 2013 – Dr Lorna Jowett, ‘Women Who Kick Ass and the Girls Who Waited’ (6pm, Room MY120, Avenue Campus).

3 December 2013 – Associate Professor Charles Bennett, ‘Evenlode: A Balanced Approach to Poetry’ (5pm, Room MY120, Avenue Campus).  THIS EVENT HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED TO 3PM ON 4TH DECEMBER, ROOM MR33.

The first lecture will be given by Dr Lorna Jowett.  After giving a brief overview of her research profile and current projects Lorna will present a slightly edited version of a keynote talk she delivered at the academic conference Doctor Who Walking in Eternity: An interdisciplinary conference celebrating 50 years of adventures in time and space’ (The University of Hertfordshire, September 2013).  The second lecture will be given by Associate Professor Charles Bennett in relation to his most recent collection of nature poetry, Evenlode (Devon: Oversteps Press, 2013).

All are welcome to attend, but if you are external to the School of the Arts, please contact or to reserve a place.

I would also like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to the current exhibition at Avenue Gallery, ‘All Work and No Play Makes You a Dull Designer’ (28 October -15 November 2013), curated by Vicki Thomas and Friedmann Schaber.  Please make a visit to this fun and informative show while you have the opportunity.

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

About Dr Larissa Allwork

Dr Larissa Allwork worked at the University of Northampton School of the Arts (May 2012 - August 2015). She also participated in Professor Janet Wilson's EU-Marie Curie funded Constructions of Home and Belonging ITN. She continues to be affiliated to Dr Sonya Andermahr's Working Group for Interdisciplinary Research in Trauma, Narrative and Performance.

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