Institute of Health and Wellbeing seminar: “Male, pale and stale or best person for the job? Understanding the lack of workforce diversity in grass roots sport”

Submitted by Ruth Hughes-Rowlands

The Institute of Health and Wellbeing present:
‘Male, pale and stale or best person for the job? Understanding the lack of workforce diversity in grassroots sport’
Wednesday 13th November 2013, 1-2pm
Sunley Conference Centre

While many sports in the UK have seen an increase in the diversity of their participants in recent years, positions in administrative roles and in Boardrooms appear to be still dominated by white, older males with little sign of change.

Dr. Jim Lusted, Senior Lecturer, Sport Studies, the University of Northampton will discuss findings from the first of two studies recently commissioned by a National Governing Body of a major sport in England and Wales that assessed the make-up of their grassroots workforce. Using an online survey developed by Natasha Bayes from the Institute of Health and Wellbeing, Dr. Lusted identified the current constitution of the 39 County Boards that govern the regional level of the sport, noting the similarities and differences between (volunteer) Board Members and the (paid) workforce. The findings provide some intriguing data around attitudes to increasing workforce diversity among current staff. The origins and reproduction of this organisational culture found in grassroots sport – in the shape of recruitment practices and attitudes to diversity – are examined from a critical sociological perspective, with particular attention paid to the implications they may have for future policies around workforce diversification.

A sandwich lunch will be provided.

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Download the seminar flyer [PDF]

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