SPECTROstar Nano machine training

moultonSubmitted by Wanda McCormick, Moulton College

On Wed 20th November 2-3pm, discipline-based training on the use of Moulton’s SPECTROstar Nano machine will take place. Research students from other Schools, for whom this is relevant, are invited to attend. The training will take place in lab H6 (Holcot site, gate 3) but please email Wanda to express an interest in attending.

The machine has lots of different functions that can be performed, the most common use at Moulton being for ELISAs, which is the main focus of the training.
• 260/280 nm DNA quantitation
• Protein quantitation (e.g. Bradford Lowry, BCA)
• Reporter gene assays (e.g. ß-Gal, SEAP)
• Cell proliferation and apoptosis
• ELISA, enzyme immunoassays (e.g. alkaline phosphatase, horseradish peroxidase)
• Enzyme activity assays: Monitoring absorbance changes in cellular co-factors NADH and NADPH allowing the determination of enzymatic activity
• Microbial growth
• Protein aggregation

Details of the machine can be found here. The software that the system runs off allows the data files to be saved as Excel documents, so students can take their data back to UoN for analysis.

If you are interested in the training session please email Wanda.McCormick@moulton.ac.uk

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