Dual publication for UN PhD students

Two PhD students from the 2011 cohort at The University of Northampton have had their papers published in the March 2014 edition of DECP Debate, a publication produced by the Division of Educational and Child Psychology (DECP) of the British Psychological Society.  They are Jacqueline Stone from the Division of Psychology and Carmel Capewell from the School of Education. ChildJacqueline Stone is researching mindfulness in education and her paper is entitled ‘Mindfulness in schools: Taking present practice into account’. Her paper introduces the Mindfulness in Schools Questionnaire (MiSQ) that she has created to investigate whether or not mindfulness-based activities are taking place in schools in the Northamptonshire region and to gather data about such activities. Through the use of the MiSQ, current practice and feedback from educators are importantly taken into account when considering the inclusion and/or introduction of mindfulness-based activities into the school day. Carmel Capewell is researching with young people and their mothers about the experience of ongoing Glue Ear, which is common in young children causing intermittent hearing loss. Her paper ‘Hear today but maybe not tomorrow – the implications of Glue Ear – research findings’ identified how some of the behaviours of young people with chronic Glue Ear could be misinterpreted. Research findings from Glue Ear are less known among educational professionals. Carmel recently presented some of her findings at the DECP conference in Oxford, where delegates commented that they would be incorporating the potential impact of Glue Ear when assessing children in future. Both Jacqueline and Carmel can be contacted by email. jacqueline.stone@northampton.ac.uk carmel.capewell@northampton.ac.uk Further information is available on the DECP Debate Edition 150.

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