Analysing secondary data: new Graduate School workshop

Graduate School WorkshopsA new quantitative methodology workshop for research students has been developed by a team from the School of Social Sciences and offered within the Graduate School Development Programme . “Analysing secondary data (quantitative): Going beyond the published results” has been designed by Catherine Fritz, Graham Smith, Chris Roe and Amar Cherchar. It will be held on Thursday, 27 March from 11am-1pm.

It is surprisingly common for authors of research articles not to fully understand their own data; secondary analysis of reported findings can reveal important conclusions that they have overlooked. Building from basic descriptive statistical concepts (central tendency, variability), the workshop will explore the usefulness of confidence intervals and effect sizes for interpreting and comparing statistical data. It will describe how these statistics can be gleaned or derived from most published research and introduce some of the basic ideas related to meta-analysis.

The workshop is open to students from all disciplines and students will work with literature in their own research areas. For more information and to book the workshop see the Eventbrite booking page.

About Simone Apel

Researcher Developer for The Graduate School, University of Northampton.

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