I thank my colleague, Helen Asquith, for cheering me up with this link this afternoon. You might enjoy a bit of Friday afternoon fun too.

Here are Rebecca Schuman’s thoughts on the use of Powerpoint in higher education.

We all know I’m guilty of these crimes. Are you?


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  1. John Sunderland

    Guilty as charged – too many pointless words and I have read them out loud verbatim – in future I’ll just do a slide show – show slides of my work without the words or very few, like using a projector and transparencies, back to fundamentals, then there is a chance something fresh will come out of my brain, or I’ll completely forget what I’m trying to say,But hey where’s the fun without a bit of risk? None of us are infallible and getting through making a mistake well is the way to overcome it. Thanks for the link Dave


  2. Fantastic! This made me laugh…and go away and change the PowerPoint I was working on!


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