Feature researcher – Emily Howard-Williams

Emily Howard-Williams

Emily Howard-Williams, Postgraduate Research Student
Second prize winner in the 2014 UN Graduate School poster competition

On the 7th May, at our Annual Poster Competition, Emily won a second prize for her poster “Why did the harvest mouse (Micromys minutus) cross the road?” Emily is a postgraduate researcher in the school of Science & Technology and is based at Moulton College. Emily graduated from Napier University (Edinburgh) with an MSc in Wildlife Biology and Conservation, here she carried out research looking at the behavioural effects of enclosure size, naturalness and complexity on captive orangutan populations.

Currently Emily is an Associate Lecturer at Moulton College and a part time PhD student. The focus of her research is to examine the behavioural ecology and population dynamics of harvest mice upon reintroduction to the wild. Specifically she is developing a standardised field surveying protocol for monitoring harvest mice, examining the spatial dispersal and survival of wild populations of this species in lowland farmland habitats and monitoring the response of populations to barriers and gaps along ecological networks.

Emily can be contacted through Moulton College, Northampton.


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