July News from the CCN&CT

July 2014 has witnessed some great developments in the Centre for Contemporary Narrative & Cultural Theory (CCN&CT).

Professor Richard Canning has launched two brand new videos showcasing the BA English and BA Creative Writing programmes.  To watch some of our current undergraduates being interviewed about their student experience at the School of the Arts, click here for BA English and click here for BA Creative Writing.

Reassessing the Twentieth Century Canon

– We are pleased to announce that Dr David Simmons (The University of Northampton) and former School of the Arts Lecturer, Dr Nicola Allen (The University of Wolverhampton) have just published a new book with Palgrave Macmillan, Reassesing the Twentieth Century Canon.  This anthology also features essays by members of the English Division, Dr Sonya Andermahr and Dr Claire Allen.

– Congratulations go to Dr Gerri Kimber who has just been awarded an Author’s Foundation Grant of £1000 by the Society of Authors.  This prize was given to assist Dr Kimber in the writing of her forthcoming biography of Katherine Mansfield.

Finally, a few weeks ago I was fortunate to attend a book launch at the Institute of Education (3 July 2014) by my former Royal Holloway colleague, Dr Andy Pearce, whose book, Holocaust Consciousness in Contemporary Britain has just been released by Routledge. The event featured a fascinating round table discussion with Dr Andy Pearce, Professor Dan Stone (Royal Holloway, University of London) and Professor Tony Kushner (The University of Southampton), which covered everything from the changing role of the history of the Holocaust in the National Curriculum, to contemporary forms of Holocaust ‘kitsch’ and the need to teach broader troubling British histories of imperialism and slavery.  Congratulations to Andy on his achievement!

About Dr Larissa Allwork

Dr Larissa Allwork worked at the University of Northampton School of the Arts (May 2012 - August 2015). She also participated in Professor Janet Wilson's EU-Marie Curie funded Constructions of Home and Belonging ITN. She continues to be affiliated to Dr Sonya Andermahr's Working Group for Interdisciplinary Research in Trauma, Narrative and Performance.

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