Data Protection and research data: Q&A

FAQ: How can I be sure that my research does not contravene Data protection law?

JISC Legal have just published a useful set of questions and answers on Data Protection and research data.  Beginning with “What is ‘personal data’?”, the 24 questions cover topics such as “What are the basic rules for processing ‘personal data’?”, “What is a Subject Access Request?” and “Can I store my data in the Cloud?”.

If you are working with any type of personal data then these Q&As could be worth a look.

Scales of Justice MiddletonJISC Legal’s main function is “to ensure that legal compliance and legal issues are not, and do not become, obstacles to the use of IT by FE and HE.” (JISClegal)  They do this by disseminating information and raising awareness of the legal issues related to IT that may affect HE and FE.

Researchers might find information of interest in JISC Legal’s research theme, also the legal areas of copyright/IPR, Freedom of Information and Human Rights.

Image credit: Andrew Middleton on Flickr  (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).

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