PGR Student Induction: What’s next?

To help our new inductees find their way around the  research degree procedures and regulations, here are some links and some useful information:

The main source of information about the procedures, regulations, roles and responsibilities of research degree students is the ‘Student Toolkit‘. The toolkit is located in the University’s Student Hub that you should log in to using your University ID. For a reminder about usernames and passwords, read this blog post.

In the toolkit, you will find the Research Degrees Handbook which includes the Research Degree Regulations in Section A, the Code of Practice for Research Degree Students and Supervisors in Section B and the Framework for Postgraduate Student Training in Section C.


Once you are enrolled, you should arrange regular meetings with your supervisory team. Now that you have been to the induction, you might decide to discuss what is expected of you and what you can expect of your supervisory team The roles and responsibilities in Section B of the Handbook could form the basis for that discussion. All supervisory meetings should be recorded on a ‘Student and supervisor logging sheet’ and submitted to the Graduate School. You can download this from the ‘Student Toolkit‘.

Registration as an Advanced Postgraduate Student

The first major task for a new research degree student is to develop a research proposal for formal consideration by your Research Degrees Board and the Research Ethics Committee when you apply for registration as an Advanced Postgraduate (APG) Student. There is guidance available on APG Registration and seeking Ethical Approval in the Student Toolkit. Workshops, online training and other materials are provided to support you through this important stage in your degree.

To help you plan your application for APG registration, the dates and deadlines of the Research Degrees Boards and Research Ethics Committee are published in the Student Toolkit. you will need to discuss this with your supervisory team and agree a target date for submission with them.

Progression through your degree

The ‘Student Toolkit‘ provides guidance and all necessary forms to support you through transferring your registration from APG to PhD or MPhil, writing up, submission of the thesis and your examination. It also includes guidance on how to suspend your studies or apply for an extension, should you need to.


Photo credit: BuildArk via Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

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