Supervisor Development Programme 2015-16

The university runs a development programme for supervisors who are new to research degree supervision, co-ordinated by Professor Ian Livingstone.  It is a validated university postgraduate course and it is delivered as two modules – Workshops and Observation.  It is a requirement of our research degree regulations that everyone who is new to supervision takes the first module – the workshops.  The second module is optional but if you complete both you are awarded the Postgraduate Certificate in Research Degree Supervision which you can count as one completion when putting together supervisory teams. Even if you have previously supervised research students, there may be some elements of the programme that you would find useful.

In 2015/16 the workshops will run 9.30-4.00 on Wednesday 16th, Thursday 17th and Friday 18th September 2015. There will be a further session of seminars led by participants – dates to be negotiated.

If you are intending to join this programme in 2015/16 and have not yet contacted Ian Livingstone, please do so now. (x 3362; email:

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