Open access and the research lifecycle: a guide for researchers

OA and research lifecycle flowchartRecent funders’ requirements for open access have presented researchers with both opportunities and challenges: opportunities to re-use and re-purpose published outputs and datasets, and challenges in making one’s own work legally and ethically available to others.

Intended for researchers who wish to engage with the open access agenda, but aren’t entirely sure how best to achieve this, this short guide highlights some of the issues to consider at each stage of the research lifecycle and the tools that are available to support you.

Further information about OA at each of the lifecycle stages can be found in these posts.

Download a copy of the guide: PDF (341 KB);  DOCX (110KB) [Last updated 10 August 2016]

Acknowledgement: this guide was developed from work undertaken by Nick Dimmock, Katie Jones and Miggie Pickton as part of the JISC-funded Open to Open Access project.  We welcome feedback from both Northampton researchers and our professional colleagues.

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