Transfer Seminar invitation: 3rd June

RedCrossNurseJacquie Ridge, PhD student in the School of Health, is presenting her Transfer Seminar on Wednesday, 3rd June at 9:30am – 11:30am. The seminar is entitled “Saving lives and saving money: investigating the professional identity of adult nursing” and will be held in Room 202, Kelmarsh, Park Campus. All welcome.

Seminar overview: Professional identity in adult nursing is a complex concept lacking clear definition. A struggle for recognition is occurring concurrently with dramatic changes within healthcare, its education, workforce and provision. By investigating construction and sustainability of professional identity in adult nursing with those currently undertaking their nurse education, this study offers an opportunity to discover an authentic way of knowing this evolving profession to inform its future development.

A generic role profile of adult nursing continues to be marketed lacking distinctiveness and perpetuating myths surrounding adult nursing identity, that of being a ministering angel, a matronly figure, a hand maiden or a sex object. Perceptions reinforced by the media result in the general public being largely unaware of the diverse roles and responsibilities within contemporary nursing. Imagery, as a core component of identity, requires revision to accurately reflect the identity of an adult nurse.
The aim of this study is to investigate how pre-registration nursing students see their professional identity using Constructivist Grounded Theory. It is being undertaken using photo-elicitation of participant selected imagery, semi-structured interviews and a literature review. Eleven participants have each been interviewed three times over a period of a year to inform the construction and sustainability of professional identity.

The presentation aims to provide insight into this study, its aim and methodology in developing a realistic professional identity that mirrors the complexity of the role and responsibilities of an adult nurse. The aim being ultimately to recruit the right people into this evolving profession to secure its future quality and financial success.

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Researcher Developer for The Graduate School, University of Northampton.

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