Lunchtime seminar: A Review of the Effectiveness of Balance and Instability Resistance Training

Submitted by Ruth Hughes-Rowlands.

Lunchtime seminar news from the Institute of Health and Wellbeing:

A Review of the Effectiveness of Balance and Instability Resistance Training

Wednesday 1st July 2015, 1-2pm
Cottesbrooke room C119
Park Campus

Institute of Health and Wellbeing logoProfessor David Behm has worked at Memorial University since 1995 and was awarded the Memorial University President’s Award for Outstanding Research and the National Strength and Conditioning Association Outstanding Sport Scientist (2014) award.

During this presentation Professor David Behm will address the effectiveness of instability resistance training for athletic, non-athletic and rehabilitation conditioning. Training programs must prepare athletes for a wide variety of postures and external forces and should include exercises with a destabilizing component. While unstable devices have been shown to be effective in decreasing the incidence of low back pain and increasing the sensory efficiency of soft tissues, they are not recommended as the primary exercises for hypertrophy, absolute strength, or power especially in trained athletes. For athletes, ground based free weight exercises with moderate levels of instability should form the foundation of exercises to train the core musculature.

A sandwich lunch will be provided.

For further details and to book a place, please visit the Eventbrite page.

You can also download the event flyer [PDF].

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