21,000 new e-books available

ipad user 8Submitted by Georgina Dimmock

Library and Learning Services (LLS) has recently acquired three new e-book packages from major publishers, which together provide access to more than 21,000 e-book titles. All the titles are digital rights management (DRM) free, provide simultaneous multi-user access and are available via single sign-on through NELSON and the library catalogue.

Routledge Handbooks Online – 81 e-books AVAILABLE NOW

This package provides access to 81 e-books purchased in perpetuity in the fields of:

  1. Business and Economics – 23 e-books
  2. Environment & Sustainability – 10 e-books
  3. Health & Social Care – 10 e-books
  4. Law – 11 e-Books
  5. Sport & Leisure – 17 e-books
  6. Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management – 10 e-books

Taylor & Francis E-Books (evidence based selection) – access to 1,700 e-books, worth £143,000 AVAILABLE NOW

This package covers most subject disciplines and provides access to more than 1,700 e-books. It is an evidence based selection model (EBS), which means for an initial ‘stake’, we receive access to titles worth significantly more than our stake. After 12 months of usage, Taylor & Francis will send LLS usage data, which will be used to select titles in perpetuity, DRM free up to the value of our stake.

Cambridge Online E-Books (evidence based selection) – access to nearly 20,000 titles, worth £1.4 million AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 2015

Like Taylor & Francis, for an initial stake, Cambridge University Press are providing an evidence based selection package that gives us access to their entire e-book catalogue. After 12 months of usage, LLS will be sent usage data to help inform which titles we purchase in perpetuity, DRM free up to the value of our initial stake.

If you have any questions about these new deals then your Academic Librarian will be able to help.

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