Research related committees – When are they and who are they?

Welcome to the 2015-16 cycle of committees (research degrees board, research degrees committee, research ethics committee)!

The committee dates and deadlines are now available in the supervisor toolkit and student toolkit.

It is also important that you know who the members of the committees are and what their roles are. You can find a listing below. Postgraduate Research students are reminded that RDB members are available for pastoral support (please see the PGR Code of Practice in the Student Toolkit for more information)

Each of the committees includes student representatives and if any postgraduate research students are interested in being involved, they should contact me.

Research Degrees Committee

Prof Ian Livingstone                           Chair

Matthew McCormack                        AHRDB Chair / School of Social Sciences

Dr Cristina Devecchi                          BERDB Chair / School of Education

Dr Wanda McCormick                       SRDB Chair / Supervisor representative*

Dr Chris Roe                                       SSRDB Chair / School of Social Scienes / RDC Deputy Chair

Dr Mary Dobson                                Graduate School Field Chair

Dr Robin Crockett                              School of Science and Technology

Dr Richard Canning                           School of The Arts

Dr Sandy Macdonald                         Northampton Business School

Dr Jackie Parkes                                 School of Health

Dr Michelle Pyer                                School of Health

Dr Stuart Raleigh                               School of Health

Mrs Simone Apel                               Research Training Co-ordinator

Unreserved only                              

Dr David Preece                                 Supervisor representative*

Dr Ali Al-Sherbaz                              Supervisor representative*

Kat Harrold (Student rep)               Chair of Research Student Committee

Dr Miggie Pickton                              Research Support Librarian

*max 2 representatives to attend any one meeting


Arts and Humanities                       

Dr Matthew McCormack                   Chair

Dr Sonya Andermahr                         Deputy Chair

Prof Janet Wilson

Dr Ross Prior

Dr Craig Staff

Prof Victor Ukaegbu                          Visiting Professor

Dr Paul Jackson

Unreserved only                              

Meghann Hillier-Broadley              Student representative

Francis Blore                                      Student representative


Social Sciences                                 

Prof Chris Roe                                    Chair

Dr Jane Callaghan

Prof Andy Pilkington

Dr Jim Davies

Dr Glyn Daly

Dr Mary Dobson

Dr Jackie Parkes

Dr John Horton

Prof Peter Morris                               Visiting Professor

Prof Helen Lomax

Dr Michelle Pyer

Unreserved only                              

Lucy Atkinson (Student Rep*)       School of Social Sciences

Chi Jack-Osimiri (Student Rep*)  School of Social Sciences

Umar Kyari (Student Rep*)            School of Social Sciences

Vacancy (Student Rep*)                   School of Health

*max 2 representatives to attend any one meeting


Education and Business RDB

Dr Cristina Devecchi                          Chair

Dr Sandy Macdonald                         Deputy Chair

Dr Kathleen Mortimer

Dr Emel Thomas

Prof Richard Rose

Dr Tambudzai Mangezi

Dr Shaowei He

Dr David Preece

Prof John Visser                                 Visiting Professor

Prof Peter Lawrence                          Visiting Professor

Unreserved only                              

Maher Daboul (Student Rep)       Northampton Business School

TBC (Student Rep)                            School of Education



Dr Wanda McCormick                       Chair

Dr Robin Crockett                              Deputy Chair

Prof Phil Picton

Dr Stuart Raleigh

Dr Will Wise

Dr Scott Turner

Prof Jeff Ollerton

Dr Paul Beeson

Prof Tony Denman                             Visiting Professor

Dr Gemma Marsden

Unreserved only                              

Nermin Albalbeisi (Student rep)        School of Health

TBC (Student rep)                               School of Science and Technology


Research Ethics Committee

Prof Philip Garner                              Chair

Dr Merryn Ekberg                              School of Health

Dr Sandy MacDonald                         Northampton Business School

Prof Chris Roe                                    School of Social Sciences

Prof Ian Livingstone                           Head of the Graduate School

Becky Bradshaw                                 Occupational Health and Safety Manager

Dr Stuart Mousir-Harrison                 Independent Member

Dr Michelle Pyer                                Research Staff Representative

To Be Confirmed                                School of The Arts

Dr Miggie Pickton                              Library and Learning Services

Prof Stefan Kaczmarczyk                   School of Science and Technology

Unreserved only                              

Payal Jain  (Student Rep*)               Northampton Business School

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