Transfer seminar: Networks of protest – the role of new social media in the Arab Spring uprising

Egyptian protests Facebook signSubmitted by Dr Faith Tucker

14th December, 2.00-3.00pm, S010

Title: Networks of Protest: The Role of New Social Media in the Arab Spring Uprising.

Abstract: In context of the Arab Spring uprising of 2010-2011, the Internet and its methods of social media have been heralded as instrumental in supporting the uprising. This research will observe closely at the situation to which activists applied “Networks of Protest” like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and weblogs as methods for managing and making consciousness of political mobilisation, in the uprisings that took positions in different Arab countries, in particular, Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya. This research will use network theories that were established long earlier the appearance of social media, to place its performance within a broader level of communication, and to define how the natural characteristics of social networking theories that established it interesting to the activists in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya.

However, in my transfer seminar, I will be discussing the use of network theories and social networking theories in relation to the Arab Spring uprising, and the methods I will use in collecting data in order to achieve my aim and objectives. The primary aim of this research is to examine the extent to which contemporary political protest was facilitated by new social media and the critical examination of common claims that this was aided by the proliferation of new social media, through an analysis of what happened in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya, by looking at ‘networks of protest’ in order to examine how and why people acted the way they acted during the Arab Spring uprising.

Acknowledgement: Umar F. Kyari is a Politics and International Relations research student in the School of Social Sciences. He has a B.Ed. in Continuing Education and Extension Services/Sociology and a MA in Politics and International Relations. Umar has written a dissertation on the “Role of New Social Media in the Arab Spring Uprising” which placed him to have a knowledge and insight about the ‘Arab Spring Uprising’ and he has presented couple of papers on the role of new social media in the Arab Spring Uprising both within and outside UK.

Photo credit: 2011 Egyptian protests Facebook & jan25 card” by Essam Sharaf – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons

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