Psychology seminar: suicide and Autism Spectrum Conditions

The next Psychology seminar, What do we know about suicidality in Autism Spectrum Conditions?, takes place on Wednesday 27th January at 3:30pm in Fawsley room 43. The speaker will be Dr Sarah Cassidy from the Centre for Research in Psychology Behaviour and Achievement at Coventry University.

What do we know about suicidality in Autism Spectrum Conditions?

Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) are frequently associated with mental health problems such as depression, a known risk factor for suicide in typical development. In addition, young people with ASC transitioning to adulthood often experience a lack of support services, and poor outcomes in terms of health and social difficulties, occupational attainment, social exclusion and isolation. These factors could all increase risk of suicidality in ASC, but few studies have explored suicidality in this clinical group. Available studies show that suicidality is present in 7-66% of ASC samples, and individuals with ASC represent a substantial subgroup (7-15%) of suicidal populations. However a majority of these studies include small samples, lack of appropriate comparison groups, unconfirmed ASC diagnosis, and lack of validated measures of risk, protective factors (e.g. quality of life), and suicidality in ASC populations. Thus there is still very little understanding of the presentation, risk or protective factors for suicidality in ASC. This presentation will review recent developments in the study of the prevalence, risk and protective factors for suicidality in ASC, and propose directions for future research.

Dr. Sarah Cassidy leads the Atypical Development Research Group in the Centre for Psychology, Behaviour and Achievement at Coventry University. Her work explores various aspects of Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) in adulthood, including mental health and suicidality. Her work in this area has been recognised by the International Society for Autism Research “Young Investigator Award”, and the ESRC Future Research Leaders program.

Refreshments will be available from 3:15pm.

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