Science and Technology Research Conference – programme

Submitted by Professor Jeff Ollerton

The programme for this Wednesday’s Annual Science and Technology Research Conference has just been announced:

Time Name Area Title
1230 LUNCH
1300 Mu Mu Computing Towards immersive user experience: web-based media orchestration
1315 Ameer Al-Sadi Computing Management of Distributed Software-Defined Networks in Smart Cities
1330 Duncan McCollin Ecology Islands – natural laboratories for studying ecology
1345 Jeff Ollerton Ecology Extinctions of British pollinators and the role of large-scale agricultural changes
1400 Riyadh Abass Engineering Development of scheduling process for the M2M communications system in Smart Cities
1415 BREAK
1430 Joseph Maina Wastes Towards sustainable solid waste management in Kenya
1445 Lauren Samet Moulton – Animal Welfare The efficacy of herbal nutraceuticals in improving captive animal welfare.
1500 Douglas Mills Engineering Development of a hand held electrical device (the Procometer) to assess the protection afforded by an organic coating to a metal substrate in the field
1515 TianYang Lan Engineering Development of assessment method for conservation coatings applied to archaeological objects
1530 Oyin Olajubu Computing A textual language for requirement modelling
1545 BREAK
1600 Robin Crockett Maths/Physical Geography Patterns and trends in flows in the River Nene
1615 Zainab Al-Rubaye Computing The use of multivariable wireless sensor data to early detect lameness in sheep
1630 Melanie Limb Human Geography One in four
1645 Ian Livingstone Physical Geography Wind-blown sand in complex terrain: a case study from the Mojave Desert, California
1700 END

If you have not yet told that you are attending, please do so for catering purposes.  Thank you.

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