Sharing our Struggles Seminar Series: Putting pen to paper…… reflections, modes, interactions and dynamics.

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Hosted by University of Birmingham Business School, May 10th, 2016

The expression and act of ‘putting pen to paper’ is an integral part of research processes and constitutes a multi-faceted and rich phenomenon. The expression ‘putting pen to paper’ sounds slightly archaic and anachronistic in an age of keyboards and screens. Nevertheless, the phrase perhaps captures the very human connection with a historically long-performed act within many civilizations. To think of it simply as writing and disseminating does not capture or justify the vast variety of phases, modes, reflections, interactions, stances, politics, forms and exchanges which constitute this domain. There has been, in many regards, a tendency to understate and take for granted the act, and all that may surround it, of ‘putting pen to paper’. This seminar aims to explore, elaborate, elucidate and develop thinking, and where appropriate solutions, around this topic.

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