Graduate School workshops – to turn up or not turn up!

mature students photoWe’re coming to the last few months of workshops in the 2015-16 programme and I thought a reminder on the delicate subject of attendance is perhaps overdue!

We have had (like most other universities offering free skills workshops) a problem with researchers booking a place on Eventbrite but then not turning up, or turning up half-way through a workshop. Neither of these scenarios results in a happy workshop facilitator, as they have spent hours preparing and then delivering the material to an expected number of bodies, in a planned time-frame. Please remember that by registering on a workshop you are committing to attend.

Many other Universities charge a booking fee or deposit, but we have chosen not to do this, so if you book a workshop please don’t abuse the system by not turning up.

So, here’s the booking etiquette…..

  • Please turn up to workshops on time and make sure you know in advance where the room is situated!
  • If you cannot attend a workshop, please free up your place for another student by cancelling your booking through Eventbrite, see below. Please give us plenty of notice if you can, as this will allow us to offer your place to others.
  • Always check the workshop booking link on Eventbrite; the venue or time may have changed in the interim period since you booked or the workshop cancelled or postponed.
  • Please always check the email account you used for the Eventbrite booking before you travel to the University. If any details change you will be notified BY EMAIL through Eventbrite, via your Eventbrite registered email.
  • Make sure that Eventbrite emails aren’t going into your spam folder!

CANCELLING YOUR BOOKING: By registering onto a workshop you are committing to attend. We understand, though, that situations arise and priorities change. You can easily cancel your booking by logging into Eventbrite, hover the cursor over your name in the top menu and a drop down list will appear. Choose Tickets from the top menu and choose the relevant workshop. Cancel is an option. Here, you can also see a list of the workshops you’ve booked. Alternatively you can email me to cancel.

About Simone Apel

Researcher Developer for The Graduate School, University of Northampton.

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