Top 10 downloads – NECTAR – November 2016

Research Output’s Top 10 Downloaded in November 2016 No of Downloads
Pickton, M. (2013) Writing your research plan. In: Grant, M. J., Sen, B. and Spring, H. (eds.) Research, Evaluation and Audit: Key Steps in Demonstrating Your Value. London: Facet Publishing. pp. 45-63. 219
Lama, A., Bates, M. P., Covington, A. D., Allen, S. C. H. and Antunes, A. P. M. (2013) Methods of isolation and identification of pathogenic and potential pathogenic bacteria from skins and tannery effluents. Journal of the American Leather Chemists Association. 108(2), pp. 48-62. 0002-9726. 129
Jackson, P. and Feldman, M. (2011) The EDL: Britain’s ‘New Far Right’ social movement. Northampton: The University of Northampton. 104
Mackley, J. S. (2012) The Anglo Saxons and their gods (still) among us. Lecture presented to: The University of Northampton Staff Research Forum, The University of Northampton, 12 March 2012. (Unpublished) 100
Preece, D. and Zhao, Y. (2014) An evaluation of Bag Books multi-sensory stories. Northampton: The University of Northampton. (Unpublished) 58
Kassem, R. (2014) Detecting asset misappropriation: a framework for external auditors. International Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Performance Evaluation (IJAAPE). 10(1), pp. 1-42. 1740-8008. 56
Nie, M. and Armellini, A. (2012) Enhancing curriculum design and delivery with OER. In: Cambridge 2012: Innovation and Impact – Openly Collaborating to Enhance Education, Conference Proceedings. Milton Keynes: Support Centre for Open Resources in Education, The Open University. 9780749229375. pp. 365-369. 52
Wilson, J. M. (2013) Introduction. In: Wilson, J. M., Kimber, G. and de Sousa Correa, D. (eds.) Katherine Mansfield and the (Post)colonial. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. pp. 1-11. 51
Wiseman-Trowse, N. J. B., Starr, M., Murray, C. and Round, J. (2011) Editor. Studies in Comics: Alan Moore Themed Issue. 2(1) London: Intellect. 2040-3232. 49
Poynter, D. J. (2008) ‘The report on her transfer was shell shock’: a study of the psychological disorders of nurses and female Voluntary Aid Detachments who served alongside the British and Allied Expeditionary Forces during the First World War, 1914-1918. Doctoral thesis. The University of Northampton. 49

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