Are you getting too many emails from GRANTfinder?

GRANTfinder is a funding database that all University staff can have access to. It holds information about a wide range of funding opportunities, from local to national schemes. This makes it a great place to start if you’re in the early stages of planning a project and would like to explore the kind of funds that are on offer or if you’re looking for the most suitable funder to submit a proposal to.

However, we’re aware that GRANTfinder can be a little, shall we say, enthusiastic, about the amount of emails it sends you. The default setting for GRANTfinder is for you to receive emails about all new funds and upcoming deadlines. However, this can be easily changed with just a few clicks!

STEP ONE – When you log in to GRANTfinder, click on to the My Resources drop down from the menu at the top, from there, select My updates. 

This will take you to a screen which will allow you to opt in and out of emails.


STEP TWO – Choose which bulletins you would like to receive. You can choose from the following:

Weekly GRANTfinder bulletin – this will round up news from NGOs and funders such as Leverhulme.

Monthly RESEARCHconnect emails – this will collate news from funders such as the Research Councils and Horizon2020.

STEP THREE – Choose which email alerts you would like to receive. 

Alert emails are sent when a new fund opens or there is an update to major fund. If you would like to stop receiving emails altogether then you can turn email alerts off (and back on if you change your mind) using the checkboxes. You can do this for each section.

If you would like to receive alerts, but only on certain subjects, you can use the check boxes to narrow down what you are interested in. The range of topics are shown below:


This will allow you to narrow down your alerts so that you are only shown emails that are interesting and relevant to you.

STEP FOUR – Contact the RIFS team if you’re still having issues or would like some support in making GRANTfinder work harder for you.

If you’re looking for funding in a specific area, it’s possible to create custom alerts that use your exact requirements. For example, it can take into account what stage of your research career you’re in or the specific activities you’d like to be funded. Contact to find out more.



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