Transfer seminar – Parapsychology and Buddhism

You are invited to Chetak Nangare’s PhD transfer seminar on Monday 3 April at 3pm in Fawsley F31. All are welcome.

PhD project title: “Parapsychology and Buddhism — to afford a comparison between descriptions of psychic experiences in Buddhist works and in parapsychological research”

“This transfer seminar will present the findings of phase 1 of my PhD, which involves my systematic collection, synthesis and analysis of all the material found in the Buddhist Pali canon that relate to psychic powers, especially references to iddhi (psychic powers) and abhiññā (higher knowledge). I will also describe phase 2 interviews with experienced meditators that explore whether these ideas are reflected in current practice and experience. Finally, I will explain how findings from these two phases will inform the design of an experiment to test claims relating to psi that can be found in test the Buddhist tradition. This seminar is a combination of research in Theravada Buddhism and parapsychology, and is an attempt to synthesise the two and identify what each can learn from other. Indeed, my presentation will foreground the importance and potential of psychic powers in Buddhist Science.”

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