PGRs, don’t be a No show!

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Since we are in the last few months of the development programme 2016/17, this is a gentle reminder of the attendance, cancellation and booking guidelines for our workshops.

As you know, all the workshops are found via the Gateway Calendar and you just need to click on the Green dot ‘Respond ‘and then Choose ‘Attending’ to register on a workshop. You have the option to write a note, for instance if you know you are going to be late arriving at the workshop. Please remember that by registering on a workshop you are committing to attend, our facilitators spend hours preparing and then delivering the material to an expected number of students beforehand.  We have had a problem with researchers booking a place on Gateway but then not showing up, or showing up half-way through a workshop. Facilitators are not happy with that!

If you know that you are no longer able to attend the workshop, you will need to cancel your place by changing your response to ‘Not Attending’ Please give us plenty of notice if you can, as this will allow us to offer your place to others. You can also choose ‘Defer’ if you think you are interested in the workshop and you are able to do it in another time.

Alternatively you can email me or Simone

Once in the workshop, please make sure you sign the register, you might have to go and find it! this enables us to record your attendance in Gateway. Finally, because feedback is the key to improvement, we would appreciate if you could fill in the evaluation sheet at the end of each workshop.

About Leila Benseddik

PhD student and PGR Intern for the Graduate School

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