The social impact of driven game shooting – Transfer seminar invitation

Tracey LGTracey Latham-Green, Postgraduate Researcher from Marketing and Entrepreneurship. will be presenting her Transfer Seminar on Monday 29th October from 12-1 at Senate Boardroom 405. Please book your place here.

Tracey will be presenting on the social impact of driven game shooting.
Abstract: Driven game shooting (DGS) is a controversial topic area, with those fundamentally for and against shooting sports of any kind. There has been considerable research into the environmental and some into the economic impacts of DGS but very little into the social impacts. Existing research has also been accused of bias due to the funding sources from either pro or anti shooting groups. This study is the first independent investigation of the social impacts of DGS, looking at these impacts from a theoretical underpinning of social capital and its links to identity and well-being. It follows a recognised GECES social impact measurement process, recognising the value of social structures and other forms of social capital utilising appropriate proxies, in an attempt to escape the ‘iron cage’ of bureaucracy envisaged by Max Weber.

The study takes a two stage approach. The first stage identifies themes of social impact utilising observation and case study data coupled with semi-structured interviews, analysed via an adapted grounded theory method utilising a conceptual framework. This theme data will then be used to build a questionnaire for wider distribution. Questionnaire data will be analysed using quantitative data analysis methods. The two data sets will then be analysed and triangulated and the findings documented, including formulating a potential framework for future social impact assessment of driven game shooting across all types of shoot and geographic locations. Policy recommendations arising from the research will also be investigated.

We hope to see you there to support our research students.

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