Want to know how to make excellent academic presentations? Come to this Graduate School Development Day!

This experiential one-day course is focused on improving your presentations skills enabling you to deliver confident, clear and persuasive presentations both for internal seminars and external conferences. We will utilise a range of discussions, reflection, and experiential exercises to develop techniques to enhance the impact our presentations have.

Adair Richards is a globally recognised researcher and higher education specialist. He has spoken at many of the world’s top Universities (e.g. UCL, Harvard, Yale), and is now an Honorary Associate Professor at the University of Warwick. His PhD was for research into potential cures for antibiotic-resistant bacterial diseases. Across his career, Adair has gained a broad base of academic experience also including postdoctoral research positions in both the sciences – biophysical chemistry, and the humanities – museum studies. His academic publications have received hundreds of citations, including by a Nobel laureate, and he has a particular interest in interdisciplinary studies.

This event will take place on campus on Friday, 31st March 2023 10am to 4pm with lunch provided.

Find out more and sign up on Gateway here.

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