Research and Strategic Bidding Office

A team of four who deliver all aspects of bidding and funding support for academic staff here at the University of Northampton. Based in Thornby 1(Park Campus), we are the central research department for the University.

Karen Lewis – RSBO Manager

Helen Backhouse – Strategic Bidding Officer

Annemarie Lodder – Knowledge Exchange Officer

Lucinda Young – RSBO Administrator

The Research and Strategic Bidding Office offers a full pre-bidding service for all academic staff looking for, or applying for funding, of whatever kind. Support is offered with each step of the bidding process, from funding searches, to providing Institutional sign-off for your bids. We co-ordinate the University’s response to larger bidding rounds and work closely with Partnership bodies such as Northampton Enterprise Partnership (NEP) for EU funding support. This ensures that you can access the support you need to produce the best bid, application, or tender possible. Our support is always tailored to your needs and includes assistance with post-award arrangements if required. Please contact the RSB office if you require assistance or guidance post award.

We provide support with all stages in obtaining funding, from assistance with preliminary funding searches, to providing feedback on draft proposals. Proficient in using established databases such as ResearchProfessional and GRANTfinder, we are able to set up individual username and passwords for these facilities, as well as brief training on utilising your funding searches effectively. Additionally, we can assist you with prioritising funding sources and aligning your aims with the funders strategic aims. Further guidance is available on our Bidding Procedures Step-by-Step Guide.

Help is available with background and general information that may be required for bids, such as track record of delivery and key institutional facts/figures, policy and procedures. A summary of key information can be obtained from the RSB office.

We are your first point of contact for any research activity so please get in touch and we will do all we can to ensure your proposal is a success.

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