Funder Policies – ERC (European Research Council)


The European Commission (EC) has a Green policy on Open Access (OA) but has also announced a pilot project to fund APCs arising from publishing in Gold-only journals (e.g., SpringerOpen, BioMed Central).

GOLD – Publication Criteria

Eligible Research Outputs types include:

  • Research articles
  • Monographs
  • Book chapters
  • Conference Proceedings

To maximise eligibility authors should ensure that the following is included in their article during drafting:

  • A statement about how underlying research materials (such as research data or models) can be accessed (for example This work was supported by the European Research Council [grant number xxxx].”

Journal Criteria

  • It must be a Gold-only OA publication (e.g., SpringerOpen, BioMed Central) for finalised FP7 projects.
  • A number of additional technical compliance criteria must be applied and may influence eligibility including:
  • The published version must be made available by the publisher in PDF/A  format.
  • The output must be deposited in an OpenAIRE compliant repository like Zenodo.

 Please contact the Research Support Team to enquire about eligibility or if you have recently had an FP7 related output accepted.

 GREEN – Publication Criteria

  • Depositing the accepted author manuscript (AAM) at the point of acceptance, or as soon as possible thereafter, is the best way of ensuring compliance.
  • All publications supported by the ERC must acknowledge ERC funding and should include the grant number and the name of the ERC funding stream.
  • Publications must also include a statement on how underlying research materials (such as research data or models) can be accessed and, where appropriate, such research materials supporting the publication should be deposited in a repository.

The version of the article is the Accepted Author Manuscript(AAM), with the peer-review comments implemented as it was accepted for publication. Depending on the publisher, these articles may be subject to an embargo period, after which the article can be made freely available.

Journal Criteria

  • Journal complies with Green RCUK Policy on Open Access.

ERC Open Access Guidlines

Horizon 2020 Open Access Guidlines

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