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Phone-a-Thesis! A great new initiative for PGRs

PGRs! We are looking at promoting additional peer support through a proactive “Phone a Thesis” project. The aim is to give us opportunities to talk to other PGRs about our research, to get us used to practicing this with like-minded other students in a supportive way.

Here’s how it works… You give us a short synopsis about your thesis. We put together all of the summaries we get onto an interest page. Everyone then picks their top three summaries of interest. Once all of the entries and selections have been made, the project leads can match people up to Phone a Thesis! A date and time will be arranged for a phone call. Then it’s time to relax, enjoy, listen and chat about your work. This project is designed to support your research experience, enable us to meet new/ other students, and assist in building confidence to talk about our research and the contribution(s) it makes. You can decide between you whether the session will be online or in person at the University (please take current Covid guidelines into account when deciding), and how long it will last.

For more information and details on how to take part, please see the document below.

Communicating with the media workshop

Radio interviewAs a researcher, you are likely at some point in your career to give a live radio or television interview, or be asked to contribute to a pre-recorded telephone discussion, or news report. Would you like to develop confidence in dealing with the media, know how best to prepare and approach a potential media interview situation?

Holly Smith, from the University’s Communication, PR and Public Affairs Department, is holding a lunchtime workshop (with a free lunch!) on Communicating with the Media on Monday, 27 January from 12:00 to 14:00 in the T-Pod, Rockingham Library.  Read the rest of this entry