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Call for Research Participants – Six-Week Seated Exercise Programme

Flower only_RGBCall for Research Participants – Six-Week Seated Exercise Programme

Dr Tony Kay,  Associate Professor in Biomechanics, is looking for volunteers over the age of 55, relatively inactive but still healthy, for a study that will examine the effects of a six-week seated exercise programme which aims to reverse the functional decline associated with aging (e.g. lower limb strength, flexibility, stiffness).
The first test will take about 20 mins (the tests are all seated so no running around needed) and will be conducted in the lab in the sports hall complex at Park Campus.  You would then return twice a week for 6 weeks to perform a some seated exercises (each session only takes 10 mins), before being retested at the end.

If you would like further information on the specifics of the study and are willing to take part then please contact Tony Kay directly.