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FP7 Post Grant Pilot – Approved Journals

FP7 have updated their list of journals that are approved for publication in to receive funding from their grant.

Note:  the funds are only available for publications that have been made within the scope of a finished FP7 project.

FP7 Printable deadline calendar

The UK Research Office (UKRO) has produced a printable deadline calendar (login required) for the remaining FP7 call deadlines.

The document collates all remaining deadlines for FP7 in date order, and includes calls which are currently open in addition to those in the 2013 Work Programmes.
The online UKRO deadline calendar will continue to be available to subscribers, and we encourage all researchers considering applying to one of the remaining FP7 calls to consult this calendar as it is regularly updated with new calls and contains more detailed information including links to each call’s page on the Research Participant Portal.

Please note that whilst all deadlines are understood to be correct at the time of publication potential applicants are advised to check the call page carefully to ensure that no changes have been made to call deadlines.

If you have trouble accessing the calender, please contact us for a copy.