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A new Postgraduate Society – members wanted!

Lucy Atkinson, PhD research student at UN is looking for members to join a new society. The Postgraduate Society is open to all students at UN who are registered on Postgraduate courses, which includes doctoral study – PhDs, Professional Doctorates and MPhils – and other Postgraduate courses such as Masters degrees.

PG SocietyThe idea for the Society is being promoted by Lucy after several discussions with students and the Student Union. The Society would…

  • …be entirely led by Postgraduate students
  • …raise the profile of postgraduate students among the student population
  • …gain funds from the Student Union
  • …put on quality events

The Society will need a committee, specifically secretary and treasurer, and perhaps reps for events and social functions. Consequently, the support of a large group of students would be needed to enable the new society to get off the ground so if you are a Postgraduate student at UN why not get in touch?

If you are interested in becoming a member then please email your name, email address and student number to Please also contact Lucy if you have any further comments or ideas.