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Intermediate SPSS statistics workshops now scheduled

SPSS imageThe Graduate School has added some intermediate SPSS workshops to this year’s development programme. They are for research students and early career researchers who have some experience using SPSS at a basic level. The workshops will run from the end of April to the middle of June and are now open for booking. Read the rest of this entry

Intermediate SPSS workshops for research students – book now!

Graduate School WorkshopsDr Roz Collings will shortly be running our last two Intermediate SPSS workshops for research students and early career researchers, one on Regression Analysis and another on Psychometrics. Regression Analysis will run on Wednesday 27th May from 1pm-3pm and Psychometrics is on Wednesday 10th June from 11am-1pm. Both will be held in Grendon 152 on Park Campus.

Please book if you would like to attend (links below). Please note: Both workshops are at intermediate level and are for researchers who already have a good working knowledge of correlations in SPSS. Please don’t attend if you do not know how to run correlations on SPSS.

To book SPSS Regression Analysis
To book SPSS Psychometrics

Intermediate SPSS workshops, starting Monday 27th April

SPSS imageThe Graduate School are holding a series of four intermediate SPSS workshops, for research students and early career researchers, starting with ANOVAs next Monday 27th April. The workshops will be run by Dr Roz Collings from the Psychology Department at the University. To book, or for more information, please go the Eventbrite links listed in the table below. Read the rest of this entry

Introductory SPSS Workshops for research students

On Monday 2nd December Paul Rice from CfAP is running the first of a series of two workshops on SPSS, specifically for research students with little or no experience of the software.

Introduction to SPSS will focus on the basic elements of quantitative research and the issues that should be considered in data analysis. The workshop will cover types of data, how this data can be entered into SPSS and will end with examining descriptive statistics. This is an application orientated session and the approach will be practical. No prior knowledge is required.

Title of workshop: SPSS part 1: Introduction to SPSS.
Where? Grendon 152, Grendon IT Centre, Park Campus
When? Monday, 2 December 2013 from 17:00 to 19:00

The follow on workshop Basic Inferential Statistics in SPSS will be held on 16th December.